Our dedicated team of acoustic specialists can guide you through the many and varied options of acoustic treatments and solutions for specific surroundings. Whether your space is in a school, office, commercial or hospitality area, there are solutions to suit all environments.

Sound absorption has a huge impact on the user’s experience in any space and statistics show that levels of concentration can considerably drop. By introducing high NRC* rated material to surfaces slows the rate of reverberation, increases the acoustic integrity of the room which in turn leads to greater levels of concentration and better levels of speech intelligibility.

We know that every space and project has it’s own requirements in build and design, and by keeping abreast of the latest acoustic treatments our team are able to advise on the best level of acoustic design for your space.

From acoustic pin boards, 3-D tiles, bespoke designs, stretched-fabric walling and suspended baffles, acoustic treatment can take the project to enhanced levels of design with practicality and aesthetically pleasing results.

*Noise Reduction Co-Efficient

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