We design with our ears as well as our eyes using our Acoustic Treatments

Our dedicated team of acoustic specialists can consult you through the options of acoustic treatments and solutions for your specific surroundings. We can install and design acoustics suitable for all environments, such as:

  • Educational
  • Commercial
  • Workplace
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

We can create and install sound absorbing acoustics in any space whilst enhancing the interior design.

All our acoustic panels are manufactured using high NRC* rated materials, with a wide range of colours that can be cut into bespoke designs, making your space look aesthetically pleasing and soundproof all at once.

large meeting room with video conferencing system and dual screen with a blue and green acoustic panel wall

Acoustic Consultancy

Do you have an upcoming project that requires soundproofing or other acoustics requirements? Speak to our specialised team here who can offer a wide range of acoustic services, such as:

  • Acoustic Consultancy
  • Noise Assessments
  • Project Management

Download our brochure below to see how our acoustic treatments can enhance your interior design as well as helping to soundproof and insulate your space!

*Noise Reduction Co-Efficient

open space with high table, pool table and acoustic panels

We understand that every space and project has its own requirements in build and design, and by keeping updated with the latest acoustic treatments our team are able to advise on the best level of acoustic design for your space.

From acoustic wall dividers, fabric ceilings, bespoke designs, stretched-fabric walling and suspended baffles, acoustic treatments can take the project to enhanced levels of design with practicality and aesthetically pleasing results.

These incredibly versatile acoustic panels help increase the acoustic quality of the room, which in turn leads to greater levels of concentration and better levels of speech intelligibility. This is incredibly important in places where privacy or concentrated work are required such as an open plan office or a meeting room where confidential meetings are held.

Workers lost as much as 86 minutes of their day due to noise distractions
2014 study by Steelcase and Ipsos
retails showroom with a beige sofa and colourful hexagonal acoustic panels
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