Proactive Video Conferencing End-Point Monitoring

Vega are able to proactively monitor Video Conferencing Codecs, via it’s Cloud Hosted Video Management Service, UCi2i, which is solely owned by the Vega Group.

The proactive end-point monitoring will alert Vega’s helpdesk if the end-point has a failure or goes off-line. Vega will then notify the client of the issue, raise a fault ticket and manage through to resolution.

Preventative Maintenance

Vega believes a proactive and preventative approach to support is fundamental. Vega is able to provide a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program. The schedule is planned with the client in advance in order to afford each site ample opportunity to ensure work areas are available. The following details the typical but not definitive Preventative Maintenance Workflow undertaken during a site visit.

In all cases, results are typically updated next-working-day to the Asset Register/Inventory management Portal, to ensure effective spot-check management of the estate.

  • Equipment Audit
  • Comprehensive System Health Check
  • Check System Logs
  • Check all cables are firmly connected
  • Check audio-levels and settings are optimised
  • Check projector lamp life
  • Clean filters, ventilation ducts and surfaces
  • Test call to video help-desk

Remote Support

Our Remote Access Support facility enables our Helpdesk engineers to access and remotely control any of the client’s compliant network devices via a secure Internet connection. The solution works with your existing network firewall and requires no additional configuration by your IT personnel.
For security purposes, all Remote Access sessions are protected by industry-leading encryption and authentication tools and SSL protocols. We are partnered with LogMeIn, a leading provider of on-demand remote-connectivity and support solutions, serving over 40 million devices world-wide. The FR will be updated on the system and closed if resolved.

More Support Options: