Meeting Room and

Desk Space Management

If you are looking to expand your premises or manage your working environment more effectively, Vega can assist to find the right solution for your business. We collaborate with leading workspace management innovators to conduct workspace occupancy studies and deliver meeting room and hot desk booking systems.

Partner research shows that the average meeting room in the UK is utilised just 25% of the time. The report also showed that on average offices in the UK have a maximum staff occupancy of 70% at any one time, often much less.

Vega can help analyse how you can make your working environment more efficient and work for you. By implementing a very low cost and simple wireless sensor under each desk and each meeting room table, Vega can record, analyse, and report your office occupancy and your meeting room utilisation. The report will demonstrate how a more flexible and dynamic approach to how you allocate, book, and use your workspace and meeting rooms can save you huge costs in a very short space of time.

That was then, this is now

Room Booking

The way we work and how we meet has gone through a dramatic change in the last 5 years. Large scale, organised meetings in dedicated presentation spaces have been replaced with smaller ad-hoc meetings in a larger number of meeting rooms, Auditoriums have been superseded by huddle spaces.

In theory this shift should serve to drive efficiency and increase collaboration but in fact, for most businesses, it also introduces a new set of problems, demand consistently outstrips supply of available meeting rooms, double bookings are the norm and premium VC enabled spaces are being utilised for basic meetings.

Vega’s portfolio of Room Booking solutions can alleviate all of these challenges, putting control of meetings back into the hands of the users. On-premise or Cloud, the choice is yours, from simple cost-effective booking screens, simply integrated into your preferred calendaring applications, to more expansive platforms that provide room booking, proximity and occupancy sensing, AV room control, asset management or even energy management linked to your building management system, we have a solution to help.

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