December 11, 2017 Vega Webmaster

MythBusters: Fact or Fiction? Is Cloud Video Conferencing the answer?

Here, we unravel the common misconceptions around cloud video services.

Flexible working is on the rise and the appetite for home working has grown in recent years to avoid the congestion on today’s busy roads and spend more precious time with families. Businesses have been affected by adverse weather conditions, public transport mayhem with strikes and cancellations, as well as the shocking airline news with the likes of Ryanair and Monarch.

Many business owners are happy to move to Cloud based IT solutions such as Office 365, but when it comes to video conferencing they remain hesitant. Below we look at those misconceptions on whether Cloud video services could be the answer for your business.

  1. Myth: It’s too expensive. This was the case a few years ago, but now you can sign up to a Cloud Video service contract for just a very low monthly cost.
  2. Myth: You need a server for infrastructure, call control and bridging. Not any more, Cloud Video services provide all this for you. There is no infrastructure required, plus a pay per month license is a fraction of the cost of deploying video as an on-premise solution.
  3. Myth: It won’t work with legacy H.320 ISDN and H.323 systems?  Actually, yes it does. The UCi2i service that Vega Europe offers has the transcoding servers and software that do all of this. It can even do audio dial in too.
  4. Myth: It won’t integrate with Skype for Business. Yes, it does, and very easily. There is no additional Microsoft licensing or extra servers required to integrate the service.
  5. Myth: It won’t allow guest access like Cisco Jabber Guest. Yes it does and more easily.  Just ping the recipient the URL and they can join the conference from any PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, or using a browser like Chrome or Firefox with Web RTC technology.
  6. Myth: It is not secure. UCi2i Cloud Video provides complete security offering AES 128 encryption across all services.
  7. Myth: You can’t stream and record the conference. You can now, and very easily and securely right from your own Cloud Video portal.
  8. Myth: You have to use a dedicated endpoint to launch a multipoint call. Simply invite all participants into your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR). You can do this from any device that has good Internet access, decent bandwidth, a camera, microphone and speakers.
  9. Myth: It’s all too difficult to manage alongside all the other IT complexity. Not at all. UCi2i Cloud Video provides you with three dedicated software portals to manage usage, reporting tools and launch calls. These are easy to use and come free with your Connect License.
  10. Myth: Quality is poor.Ten years ago this may have been the case, but now the quality of a call is exceptional.

So, that’s 10 Myths completely busted!

Do you want to learn more?  UCi2i Cloud Video offer a FREE two-week trial with no obligation to continue, which gives you the opportunity to review the full service and decide for yourself. The only way to find out how inexpensive and easy Cloud video conferencing can be, is to try it out. Visit our web page or email our team to enquire about the free trial, or call us on 0800 3196094.

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