Service Delivery Intelligence

The Tio Service Delivery Intelligence system from Vega Europe, Winner of the Entertainment Product for Innovation, Install Awards, 2016

Introducing Tio

The Tio Service Delivery Intelligence system from Vega Europe empowers guests to effectively manage the delivery of site services by ordering beverages via an iPad before or during their meeting, allowing meetings to run smoothly with fewer interruptions.

  • Eliminate the need for catering staff to visit every meeting room
  • Reduce errors by eliminating the need for manual ordering
  • Accelerate the delivery of services to every room
  • Reduce the waste associated with large tea and coffee dispensers
  • Reduce total cost of service delivery
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How does it work?

Each meeting or conference room is fitted with an iPad mini. This familiar and intuitive interface displays menu options for drinks, snacks, and other refreshments.

Meeting room guests simply enter their choice of beverage and add their preferences. Once all the attendees have entered their requirements, they touch ‘Submit Order’.

The order is sent directly to an administrator touch screen panel situated in the kitchen. The kitchen team are notified by an audible and visible alert, that a new order has arrived and the kitchen staff immediately send an acknowledgement directly back to the meeting room.

The display in the kitchen area shows any orders waiting from the serviced rooms throughout the building. The order can then be delivered within a set period agreed by the management team.

See how Tio has been integrated into a leading Private Bank in London and the returns the client is already seeing.

Adding value

Tio can also include additional functionality tailored to a specific requirement. For example, a notification to the kitchen staff that the meeting has finished, so cups and plates can be cleared ready for the next meeting.

It can also accommodate requests beyond catering requirements, for example notifying the facilities department that AV support is required for the equipment in the meeting room.


Tio can record all relevant statistics required for reporting. Amongst other data, this will include the time it takes to acknowledge an order and the time to deliver an order. This allows the catering managers to measure and track their teams’ performance against predetermined targets. It will also highlight any potential problems.

Vega understood Medidata’s requirements from the outset – from design, programming and installation through to delivery of signed-off project within the tight timescales! The weekly project meetings kept everything on track and working closely with the programmers meant the meeting room systems all met our stringent corporate standards. I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with.
Andrew Furlani - Senior AV Specialist, Medidata
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