March 16, 2020 Vega Webmaster

Vega Europe COVID-19 Statement

To whom it may concern,

Vega Technology (Europe) Ltd recognises that it has a legal duty of care for the health, safety and welfare of its employees and others who may be affected by the company’s activities including visitors, clients, contractors and the general public.

Due to the evolving situation of the COVID-19, we have updated our Business Continuity Plan based on guidance from the World Health Organisation. As such, we have suspended international employee travel. Many of our customers have implemented similar travel policies, we have instructed employees to leverage technology and conduct internal and external meetings virtually as much as possible.

Please be aware that as of 16th March 2020, we will no longer be letting visitors, clients and/or contractors into our office.

We are experiencing supply chain delays and disruptions which has impacted on our shipping timelines and access to project sites is becoming very limited.

We are working together with our clients and suppliers to minimise the disruption for our projects and remain committed to maintaining our business operations. We apologise for any delays this may cause you and appreciate your patience. We believe open communication is key and we will keep you informed with regular updates.


Tim Dobson
Managing Director

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